We take away the hassle, cost and resource of running an office allowing you to focus on your core business in a professional environment that feels more like a home than an office. Whether you are an international corporate opening an office in Ghana, or a small business just setting out, we have an office home for you.



We create inspiring work environments that enable our customers to operate, grow and succeed in becoming Africa’s leading businesses.



To expand the horizons of Africa’s business landscape, where Africa’s leading companies are nurtured in a Horizons home.



Horizons Offices was founded in 2008 by Ian Kabiru, a Kenyan entrepreneur with over ten years’ experience with leading international conglomerate Unilever.

This is an important point of difference between Horizons Offices and other providers as it means that we’ve been there.

Whether you’re an international corporate or a local start-up, we understand you because we’ve been you.

We know how hard it is to find luxury, secure and prestigious offices in Africa.

We know how much hassle it is, how expensive it is and how much time it takes – precious time which you could be spent on your core business.
We have provided hundreds of people from International and African businesses with bespoke office solutions that meet their individual needs. We were the first SME office provider in Kenya and since then have led the way in new developments in office design and technology to meet the needs of our diverse range of clients across the African region.



Successful businesses today demand world class workspaces, state-of-the-art equipment and staff that can add real value to your business. We provide flexible solutions that offer great value and rapid set up so you can get going as quickly as you can. We also provide a wealth of exclusive value add services to help your business grow